Physical Exams

Physical Exams services offered in Nowata and South Coffeyville, OK

Green Country Medical: Nowata Family Medicine offers various physical exams to ensure optimal health. David Caughell, MD, and the team of experts provide DOT physicals, sports physicals, and regular annual exams at the Nowata and South Coffevyille, Oklahoma, offices. Call today to book an appointment or reserve a timeslot through the online portal.

Physical Exams Q&A

What are physical exams?

Physical exams are a series of diagnostic tests health care providers use to make sure you’re healthy and have no visible signs of illness. Physical exams rely on visual information and contact to assess your health.

There are many types of physical exams, such as:

DOT physicals

DOT stands for the department of transportation. DOT physicals make sure there are no preexisting conditions that might impair your ability to drive. People often require DOT physicals for specific tasks, such as driving large groups of people or carrying hazardous substances. DOT physicals cover you for up to two years.

Sports physicals

Before you participate in sports, your organization may require a sports physical. A sports physical is like a regular exam but often includes extra assessments to make sure you can tolerate high-impact activities. Sports physicals also help reduce your injury risk during activity.

Annual physicals

Sometimes there isn’t a specific reason you require a physical; however, you should still stay up-to-date on your health regularly. Annual physicals allow you and your doctor to share knowledge of where your health stands and how the experts support your health moving forward.

What can I expect during a physical exam?

Most physical examinations start with the experts asking personal medical questions to gather essential health information. At Green Country Medical: Nowata Family Medicine, Dr. Caughell and the team keep a secure record of your records.

They’ll follow up with updating your height and weight measurements. The team also checks your vital signs.

From here, your physical exam becomes better tailored to address your specific health concerns. For example, if you’ve been experiencing vision problems, they may provide more thorough visual assessments.

Do physical exams require additional tests?

Most physical exams don’t require you to undergo supplemental diagnostic testing. However, if your provider detects something out of the ordinary, they may suggest that you do.

Common tests that help supply additional information include X-rays, blood tests, and EKGs. The team wants to make sure you’re at peak health, and sometimes additional testing may be necessary.

How long do physical exams take?

Depending on your age and unique health challenges, you can expect a physical to take 15 to 30 minutes on average. 

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